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Becoming a leading global company through a transparent and sincere management philosophy

What is Ethical
Corporate management that not only focuses on the maximization of profits, but also on social responsibilities, which allows for sustainable development of both the corporation and society

Having a deep sense of ethics is the foundation of the corporate management of KUNYOUNG.

The sustainable development of a corporation is only achievable when the morality of each member serves as the basis of its management.
It is crucial to possess a balanced sense of ethics and the will to act that can endure in any work environment and new management setting in order to effectively advance.

We will grow into the leading Korean construction corporation through our ethical and moral executives and employees, who do not compromise when faced with injustice and embrace our strong management structure.

Code of Ethics
KUNYOUNG’s Code of Ethics has been established according to our new business environment in order to improve our views and attitudes on ethical management. It is the standard of our value judgments in all aspects of business conducts.
  1. Responsibility towards Customers We, based on our “customer-first principle”, respect all the valued opinions and suggestions of our customers. We will continuously increase customer values by providing products and services according to their needs.
  2. Law Compliances and Fair Competition We comply with all national and international regulations as well as the commercial transaction customs. We will achieve a dominant position through fair and transparent competition.
  3. Fair Trade All trades and transactions are made based on the principle of free competition as well as the guarantee of equal participation opportunities. We will achieve effective coexistence based on mutual trust that has been built upon fair and clean trading practices.
  4. Responsibility for our Country and Society We actively contribute to the growth of our society by providing community service activities and aim for the spiritual and economic affluence of our country.
  5. Responsibility for Employees We respect all our employees as individuals. We encourage their creativity and do not discriminate against them on the basis of region of birth, educational background, gender, age, religion and physical disability.
  6. Basic Employee Ethics All employees of KUNYOUNG establish their values based on KUNYOUNG’s core values, namely, SincerityㆍCommunicationㆍCreativityㆍPioneering Spirit. They practice self-enrichment and complete their given tasks fairly and efficiently.
  7. Compliance of Code of Ethics All employees must comply with this Code of Ethics regardless of their rank in the corporate hierarchy. It is crucial to establish and manage an Ethical Management Committee and an Audit Office that are able to review and determine important issues related to the ethical management of the company.