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Overseas Projects

Becoming the leader of global management

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    King Talal Dam, Jordan
    Value creation around the globe with our exceptional competency
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Business Overview

We are globally showcasing our competence based on the depth of experience and knowledge that we have accumulated in the Korean construction industry.
Thus far, we have proven our abilities in housing, construction and civil works in the global market, and we are now ready to expand our business to not only Asia and the Middle East, but also to other markets in the world that offer great potential.
KUNYOUNG will continue building international landmarks and rise to the top of the global construction industry.

Major Achievements

  • LIG Tower, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Los Angele’s Orange County, USA
  • Provincial Highway Project, Pakistan
  • Wadi Al-Arab Dam Construction Project, Jordan
  • King Talal Dam, Jordan
  • Urban Tollway Interchange Phase II, Indonesia
  • LIG Condominium Quezon City, Philippines
  • Road Construction from Choir-Sainshand, Mongolia


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Civil Works

Opening the road to the world with our technological edge KUNYOUNG has established its trust in various civil works including highways in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.
We have solidified our global capability in civil works on the foundation of the trust that we have gained over the years.
We have also built highways between Jakarta and Merak in Indonesia, East Kalimantan road, and highways in Pakistan.
With our well-founded knowledge and expertise, we will do our utmost to become the global leader.

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Supporting sustainable growth of the global community On the foundation of our rich domestic experiences and technological capabilities, we exert great efforts to stretch beyond borders for new opportunities in the plant sector.
We will bring our extensive knowledge, skills, and experiences that have been accumulated in petro-chemical plants, environmental & infrastructure, and industrial plants, to all areas of the global plant sector.
We will contribute to the sustainable growth of the global community though our capabilities and know-how in the field.

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Building Works

Solidifying our global status by leveraging creative ideas into world-class landmarks KUNYOUNG has continued to deliver customer satisfaction even in overseas markets with our unique and creative designs and perfect execution of projects.
We will solidify our global status by building world-class landmark projects through use of our creative ideas.

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We will pioneer global residential culture by offering the highest values to the international housing industry We completed luxury residential complexes in Los Angele’s Orange County in 1994 and finished the construction of a 30-story apartment, ‘LIG Town,’ in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam as well as apartment complexes in Quezon City in Manila are in ongoing development.
At home and abroad, we achieve the highest level of quality while demonstrating our excellence.