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Eco-Friendly Growth

The driving force of the 21st century

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    Solar energy
    An integrated environmental system is put in place to ensure a brighter tomorrow
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Business Overview

In our search of solutions for sustainable growth, we look to nature as it is the key to our future.
In order to conserve natural resources and prevent and reduce environmental contamination, we provide comprehensive and effective solutions in all areas of the environmental sector that ranges from development of alternative energy to construction of a system that enhances energy efficiency.
We will take a bold step forward to invest in the development of energy and applicable technology in order to build a foundation for sustainable development of mankind.

Major Achievements

  • Emart Photovoltaic System
  • LIG HR Center Geothermal System
  • LG Philips LCD Gumi factory Chilled Water Storage System
  • LG Electronics Chilled Water Storage System
  • Busan University Geothermal System
  • Waste Heat Recovery Machine of KCC Factory in Yeocheon
  • CAPRO Ulsan Energy Economizer System
  • Saehan Media Co., Ltd. RPF Boiler System
  • Cosmo Chemical Co., Ltd. Petro-Coke Boiler System
  • KG Energy Co., Ltd. Petro-Cokes Boiler System


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Alternative Energy

Solidifying the base of an eco-friendly growth model KUNYOUNG has been proactively responding to the depletion of natural resources and environmental contamination.
Through this, we have accumulated various expertise in all areas including production facilities, and system construction as well as alternative energy development.
We will go to any expense to develop alternative energy solutions such as municipal solid waste and biomass, as well as renewable energy including solar photovoltaic and geothermal energy.
KUNYOUNG will strive to propose a new and innovative model in the energy sector and contribute to augmenting the quality of the future of our society.

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Energy Reduction System

Making a difference for society and its future We possess all the resources, including our state-of-the art diagnostic technologies and vast experience, necessary to provide comprehensive energy reduction solutions for industrial operations, commercial buildings, institutional complexes, and residential buildings. We provide a range of services to help our customers to rapidly achieve effective energy reduction.
Our technological capabilities and skills harness the latest energy efficient lighting solutions. We also provide sophisticated energy reduction systems such as a heat pump system and a chilled water cooling system.

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Environmental Solution

Sculpting a clean and transparent environment We utilize our optimal design and construction capabilities in environmental solutions to deliver cleaner and more sustainable living environments by effectively preventing and treating pollutants.
No small amount of effort is made to purify exhaust air for industrial sites and to provide more efficient and economical waste water treatment solutions.
KUNYOUNG leads the evolution of air purification systems and waste water treatment systems.