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Real Estate Development

Infusing new values into the land

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    Sangdo Hyundai Emco Local Housing Cooperative
    Creating an environment with our exceptional creativity where dreams can bloom
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Business Overview

Real Estate Development breathes new life into land and stimulates new creations. The business also contributes to the national and international economy by pleasantly transforming its surroundings as well as maximizing profit.
We are expanding the areas of our development business with our firm conviction to overcome any challenges and make effective use of our out-of-the-box thinking process.

Discovering potential values through the innovative view of KUNYOUNG

KUNYOUNG uncovers hidden values of real estate with its creative viewpoint and plans development projects by effectively analyzing risks that might occur during the process.
For projects that we commence, we maximize the work efficiency based on our flexible attitude and creativity, so that we can increase the development profit and minimize unnecessary costs. Our efforts to achieve proper communication among business participants and reasonable profit sharing amplify our credibility.

RMS (Risk Management Solution)

In the real estate development sector, time is directly linked to profit. Due to the nature of this business, problems such as delays can threaten the existence of a project.
With our abundance of experiences, we have designed our own Risk Management Solution, which will provide thorough analysis of problems as well as solutions geared towards successful completion of a project.

Total Solution for Real Estate Development

KUNYOUNG is the best in the field, which is able to salvage failed projects in the same way as a clockmaker would fix a broken clock. We deftly manage an array of failures that can happen in housing cooperative projects and propose innovative solutions.

Major Achievements

  • Byeoksan Blooming in Deokpung-Dong, Hanam-Si
  • Jugong Apartment 2nd Complex in Sinbu-Dong, Cheonan-Si
  • Daemyung Apartment, Hanam-Si
  • Machine Shop District, Yeongdeungpo-Gu
  • Emco Town (Central Park) in Sangdo-Dong, Seoul
  • Emco Town (Ashton Park) in Sangdo-Dong, Seoul