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Embracing all the values of living

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    Gate Hills
    Creating values that are beneficial to both humanity and nature
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Business Overview

Home is no longer a mere living space, but a vital place for love, ideas, dreams and thoughts.
KUNYOUNG creates first-class housing with our own eco-friendly technology that benefits both mankind and nature, integrates refreshing and blissful designs, and effectively utilizes state-of-the-art technology.

Major Achievements

  • Ichon-dong Apartments
  • Jukjeon Casvill Apartments
  • Sungbuk Gate Hills Officetel
  • Bundang Future Hills (Luxury House Town)
  • Sacheon LIGA Apartments
  • Dangjin LIGA Apartments
  • Pangyo LIGA Apartments
  • New Town Apartments in Bundang, Ilsan, Pyeongchon
  • Mido Apartments
  • Eunma Apartments


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Creating values that are beneficial to both humanity and nature Quality of life and future values consist of our top priorities.
The LIGA brand, introduced in 2006 under the theme of an eco-friendly apartment, assures an unparalleled quality of life by providing a sophisticated digital system, space aesthetics that inspires sensitivity of culture, and environmental-friendly solutions.
The Amorium brand, which conveys the meaning “House of Love”, was proudly unveiled in 2015 and it will lead the innovation of Korean housing trends in the 21st Century.

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Studio Apartment/Residential-complex

Evolving premium tastes with futuristic sensitivity Modern lifestyles require various solutions to enjoy cultural arts and advanced digital culture that are accessible from the moment that people step outside of their home.
The ‘LIGA Square’ brand of officetels, which combines functions for office and residence, and the multi-complex apartment that organically relates industrial functions with residential needs, help to exemplify our endeavors to integrate residential, business, and commercial needs into one space.

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Luxury Residential Town

Proposing a new residential paradigm KUNYOUNG is at the forefront in building luxury residential towns.
‘The Gate Hills,’ a merit award recipient at the 2008 AIA NY Design Awards, is a world-class masterpiece in which all the skills and technologies of LIG E&C have been utilized.
KUNYOUNG continues to propose a new paradigm of residential culture by providing numerous houses with beautiful designs that maximize comfort and efficiency.

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Urban Development

Constructing a vibrant urban cultureOur excellent project performance in urban development areas positions us as a prominent construction company in this field.
In all areas including redevelopment, remodeling, reconstruction, and urban environment improvement projects, we provide solutions based on our architectural philosophy.
We aim to construct better urban culture.