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With our cutting-edge technology, we are preparing the foundation for the future

  • 당진제철소
    Hanbo Steel Factory in Asan Bay
    Building the foundation of the state-of-the-art industrial facilities
  • 부산제강소
    특화된 기술력으로 미래 첨단 산업시설의 기반을 마련하겠습니다.
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Business Overview

Plant construction is a knowledge-intensive sector. Sophisticated technology and construction expertise are indispensable.
This is our core strength, where we exceed other competitors with our capabilities in both our technological expertise and construction skills. We devote ourselves in building eco-friendly plants that create harmony between humanity and nature.
KUNYOUNG has participated in a number of projects for various plant facilities which had been deemed as the driving force for national economic development. With accumulated process technology and knowhow, we will continue to expand our accomplishments in plant construction through constant research and studies.

Major Achievements

  • Dangjin Steel Mill of Hanbo Steel Co.
  • Busan Steel Mill
  • LPG City Gas Production Facility in Asan Bay
  • Sanga Medicine Co., KGMP Factory
  • Hanbo Steel Factory in Asan Bay
  • Hanseung Steel Factory at Siwha
  • LPG+AIR City Gas Production Facility
  • National Defense Industry Facilities


화공플랜트 관련 이미지

Petro-chemical Plant

We are expanding the scope of our business with specialized technologies We will diversify our markets with differentiated business performances and customer-focused global marketing.
We will expand our global presence by engaging the Middle East, North Africa, and Central and South America.

환경인프라 관련 이미지

Environmental & Infrastructure

We are forming the basis of environmental infrastructure with perfection Over the years, KUNYOUNG has played an active role in sewage treatment with thorough construction management, specialized technical expertise, and refined quality management.
We have expanded our strengths into building seawater desalination facilities and urban infrastructure.

산업플랜트 관련 이미지

Industrial Plant

We will empower our global competitiveness through the active engagement of global markets KUNYOUNG has successfully completed a variety of industry facilities including the Dangjin steel mill, Busan steel works, and facilities for the national defense industry.
Through expanding business activities into new areas such as renewable energy, we will proactively enter into overseas markets with the momentum of our accumulated domestic skills and experiences.