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Elevating our architecture to reach the global market

  • 소마미술관
    Soma Museum of Art
    Architecture that captures the city splendor
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이미지이름 이미지이름

Business Overview

The original meaning of the word “Architecture” is “high crafter” or “director of all works”.
KUNYOUNG is leading Korean architectural culture and technology with designs that allow for efficient usage of space, perfect construction capabilities and cutting-edge construction methods. By efficiently satisfying the necessities of each building, we enhance the functionality of cities as well as fulfill aesthetic needs through creative designs.

Major Achievements

  • SOMA Museum of Art
  • Korea Media Centre
  • Kyungsoo Investment and Finance Company Building
  • Masan District Court
  • Daedong Bank Head Office Building
  • LIG Nex1 R&D Center
  • Incheon Integrated Terminal
  • Cheonan Sangrok Resort
  • Incheon City Hall
  • KUNYOUNG Omni Department Store Arcade


Business/Commercial/Public Facilities

Ushering in optimal business environments with advanced technology We usher in optimal business environments with broad construction capabilities that have been accumulated in our experience with building IBS (intelligent building system) and commercial facilities such as department stores, hotels, schools, and public facilities.
KUNYOUNG optimizes its building works by offering inspirational space, which is conducive to creative ideas.

Educational/Research Facilities

Creating a nurturing environment Educational facilities that nurture outstanding human resources should be approached in their own special way.
KUNYOUNG provides an educational environment that fosters the emotional and intellectual well-being of children based on our extensive experience, careful consideration, and distinct philosophies on education.


Rediscovering the value of building For us, remodeling is much more than merely decorating appearances.
Our approach is to improve the structural stability and functionality as well as to search for alternative ways to innovate.
KUNYOUNG’s scientific approach of recreating the value of space based on complete analysis, together with our love and affection towards the building itself, results in the best outcome at the lowest cost.