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Civil Works

Constructing new infrastructure to create value for life

  • 영동고속철도
    Yeongdong High Speed Railway
    Increaing the value of space and opening up a new outlook
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Business Overview

Civil works, which include construction of the essential infrastructure of society such as roads, ports, bridges and land development, not only improve the standard of lives and social welfare, but also create national and cultural symbols.
With the solid foundation in the civil construction field and our advanced technology, we are determined to become the leader in the global market of infrastructure.

Major Achievements

  • West Coast Express Highway
  • Eastern-Gangwon Express Highway
  • Anseong-Pyeongtaek Express Highway
  • Central Express Highway (Wonju-Hongcheon)
  • Subway construction in Seoul and Busan
  • KTX (Korea Train Express) including the Bundang subway project with two-track lines stretching from Bundang to Wangsimni.


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Paving the new path for tomorrow using our broad experience The design and construction capabilities of KUNYOUNG with respect to road construction are unparalleled.
We have constructed the West Coast express highway (Ansan-Anjeong), Eastern-Gangwon express highway (Wonju-Gangneung expansion construction), Anseong-Pyeongtaek express highway, and central express highway (Wonju-Hongcheon).
We will continue to refine our approach to open more convenient and fast roads.

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Creating competitiveness with our strict adherence to quality KUNYOUNG actively engages in the construction of railway lines and infrastructure. It successfully completed subway construction in Seoul and Busan, KTX (Korea Train Express) including the Bundang subway project with two-track lines stretching from Bundang to Wangsimni.
Together with these experiences, our efforts to generate differentiated competitiveness will enhance our reputation.

국토개발 항만 교량 관련 이미지

SOC projects/Harbor/Bridge

Generating dynamic growth with our advanced skills Bridges and harbors are not only connecting different parts of the world but also crucial infrastructure that carries a lot of influence and impact on local economies.
Until now, we have played a key role in SOC projects, bridge and harbor construction. Our passion to differentiate will open a new horizon of SOC, bridge and harbor construction.

수자원개발 관련이미지

Water Resources Development

Burnishing our reputation with technological excellence Water resources development is crucial for creating healthy and pleasant lives of people. KUNYOUNG has contributed to strengthen national competitiveness by building infrastructures, which is indispensible to enrich our lives. Based on our broad range of experiences in the water resources development and the technology we have accumulated through various national projects, we have successfully completed large big international projects such as the King Talal Dam in Jordan. We continue to make the best efforts to raise our global status to a higher level and create