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환경주거문화대상 타운하우스 대상 한국경제 주거문화대상 웰빙아파트 부문 대상 그린주거문화대상 타운하우스 대상 LIG 그룹으로 계열사 편입
  • 04.01 Inauguration of Chairman Hyung Soo Lee
  • 04.01 Changed name to KUNYOUNG Engineering & Construction
  • Provided Liga Apartments at Isu Station (452 households)
  • Provided Liga Apartments in Yong-In (533 households)
  • Provided Liga Apartments at Seoul Station (181 households)
  • 12.31Received the official commendation from the Ministry of
    Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs
  • 12.23Received the Best Product Prize at Munhwa Ilbo
  • 12.09Received the Grand Prize (Product Development) at theHerald Economy Green
  • 12.01Received the Grand Prize (Green Energy) at the Hankyung
    Residential Culture Awards
  • 11.19Received the Value Engineering Prize (Civil Works) at the
    Korean Construction Quality Association
  • 10.20Received the Grand Prize (Building Completion) at the
    KoreanArchitecture Awards
  • 07.01Received the Grand Prize (Well-being Apartments) at
    the Hankyung Residential Culture Awards
  • 04.28Merged into LIG Hanbo Construction Co.
  • 04.01Received the Grand Prize (Popular Apartment Brand)
    at the Asia Economy Apartment Brand Awards
  • 02.10Registered as a company specializing in Renewable Energy
    by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
  • 04.22Changed name to LIG E&C Co.
  • 04.08LIGA in Pangyo obtained a ‘Green Building Certificate’
  • 12.052008 Social Responsibility Award (Group)
  • 12.02Received the Grand Prize (Townhouse)
    at the Green Residential Cultures Awards
  • 08.19Received the Emerging Brand Award
    at the 2008 Apartment Brand Awards
  • 06.26Received the Grand Prize (Apartment Complex)
    at the 2008 Hankyung Residential Culture Awards
  • 12.04Received the Grand Prize (Well-being Apartments)
    at the Hankyung Residential Culture Awards
  • 03.23Changed name to LIG KUNYOUNG Co.
  • 11.17Became an affiliated company of LIG group
  • 10.12Opened a branch office in the Philippines